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    The best tool for kids to explore, interact, and learn

    ColorXplore - Build a bridge between the virtual and real world

  • All the colors around you are your color palette

    Only 3 steps to release your favorite colors around you onscreen

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    Step 1

    Explore the World

    Select a color from the natural enviroment

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    Step 2

    Capturing Colors

    Press against the desired surface of the object

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    Step 3

    Learn, Interact, and Create

    Experience it on the tablet or smartphone

  • STEAM & Interactive Learning

    Our aim here at Mozbii.

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    Using STEAM to Teach

    An innovative approach to education.

    STEAM education combines the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, with art and design being the new addition to the teaching model.


    It's a shift to the ideal that the learning process is just as important as the result.


    By including Art within the traditional fields, children are encouraged to explore, imagine, and learn from experience. Art and design are still paired with the STEM fields, in order to create a changing, innovative future.


    Interactive Learning uses digital technology and virtual communications in class, therefore providing a large variety of learning material. Because technology is such an integral part to kids' lives already, interactive learning builds off of this and incorporates education into technology.


    Read articles and learn more here.

  • Compatible App

    ColorPen Sketch App

  • Our Design

    Considerations we've introduced to keep your time with Mozbii simple and fun.

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    Kids aged 3-12 will be able to learn from their surroundings and draw freely on the tablet.

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    Identify more than 65,000 different colors from your surroundings. Kids are encouraged to explore with increased powers of observation, imagination, and mobility.

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    The neck is designed to be flexible and accommodating to any type of surface. Created with added durability in mind, ColorXplore is made for long term use.

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    Mozbii is designed to be attached to any metallic surface, such as the fridge or whiteboard.

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    Mozbii comes with a magnetic charging connector head. Even a toddler is able to recharge the stylus when needed.

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